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Cập nhật tình hình Covid-19 tại Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows School District

Covid-19 Passport

As you may be aware, anyone in BC wishing to go to a theatre, swimming pool, restaurant, museum, or sports arena must show proof of vaccination with a Covid 19 passport.

The following email was sent to all students and host parents.

  1. Accessing medical insurance – Returning students, All new students should review the medical information provided in your red orientation folders.  As well, attached is a “Study Protection at a Glance” Summary from StudyInsured. You must call the number indicated (enter in your phone) every time you need medical assistance, including confidential mental health counseling.
  2. Vaccine Passports – If you are wondering how to document proof of vaccination or obtain a  BC Vaccine Card, please read and follow the instructions on the attached one page how to
  3. Requests to Travel – All international travel is essential only at this time. Sleepovers are also not permitted unless we are in an emergency situation. If you have any questions about this, please speak with your homestay
  4. Homestay Coordinators Days in Schools: Tuesdays for MRSS, PMSS / Thursdays for GSS, SRT, WSS, THSS

Travel with an eTA

The recent change in travel restrictions does allow students to travel to Canada on an eTAL; however, students must be fully vaccinated if they travel on the eTA.  If they arrive on a study permit, students may still travel to Canada partially or fully vaccinated. Many of our host families are requesting to host fully vaccinated students so we ask that you keep this in mind.

Arrival and Departure dates

January 27 to January 28               Semester 1 only students must depart

January 29 & 30                              Semester 2 students arrive

January 31                                      Orientation semester 2 new students

February 1                                       First day of school semester 2 students

Semester 1 student extensions October 15th 

Students who only applied for semster 1 of this school year and wish to extend for the 2nd semester, must notify our office [email protected]  by October 15th. 

Proof of vaccination and the BC Vaccine Card[1].pdf
Staff contacts.pdf

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