Hội thảo Unisus School-Trường tư thục Tú tài quốc tế hàng đầu thế giới

Thứ Bảy: 24/7/2021 Lúc: 10h00 – 11h30
(Miễn phí tham dự)

Thông báo mới từ NSISP về điều kiện để học sinh quốc tế trở lại trường

Please be advised we have received official word today from the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DoEECD) we will not be hosting international students in our schools during the fall semester 2020-2021. The only exception to this regulation is for the international students who have been living in the Province of Nova Scotia for Summer 2020. For all other international students, I regret to inform you we will be unable to welcome you to Nova Scotia in 2020.

Some additional information:

  • This announcement covers the fall semester, September 2020 to January 2021, only. The DoEECD will be making a further decision on the second semester, February-June 2021, later in the fall. We will keep you updated on that as we learn more.
  • We are now looking into online options for students to continue their studies in Nova Scotia for the fall semester through our NS Virtual School (NSVS). More details on courses available and pricing will be released over the next week or so. We are hoping to be able to meet the needs of our returning students as our first priority through NSVS but we cannot guarantee availability at this time.
  • Please let us know immediately if you have students interested in an online NSVS course offering in September so we can look into availability. The number of students looking for this option will determine how many we will be able to support. Please do not assume by sending in a student name it is a guarantee of admission to NSVS. We will get back to you with more details as soon as we know what we are able to provide and the level of demand being sought.
  • For any student who wishes to cancel or defer to February or September 2021, please rest assured our previously announced refund policy remains in effect. Students can cancel or defer without any financial penalty, including their application fees.

This is a brief announcement because I wanted to get you this information as quickly as I could. I trust there will be more questions over time and we can answer them as we learn more. Please direct your requests for information to Andrea Ashton at [email protected] and she will respond accordingly.

We remain committed to supporting international students as best we can and we look forward to the end of COVID-19 and a return to normal in our program. Please have as stress-free a weekend as possible and we will communicate further in the near future.

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