Thời gian diễn ra: Thứ Bảy: 27/07/2024; Lúc: 09:00 – 12:00 ; TẠI: VĂN PHÒNG CEI HỒ CHÍ MINH ; VĂN PHÒNG CEI HÀ NỘI

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Thông báo mới từ Delta School District

Currently, like many places, we are seeing an increase in COVID cases – doubling every few days.  We are seeing that in the statistics, and also in the reality of what we are experiencing here. Now, we have a number of our students, and many people in my personal circle of friends and acquantances, who are COVID positive.  The good news is that with those who are vaccinated, the symptoms seem manageable.

We are reminding our students to maintain good hygiene, limit social contacts, maintain social distance, wear high quality masks and monitor their symptoms.  We are encouraging students to really consider the risks to themselves, their host families, the school and community with their actions and make good choices (which aren’t always the fun choices, we know).  

Currently, people who are vaccinated are encouraged NOT to get tested for COVID.  Our testing services are stretched to their capacity right now and it is important that people who need the tests to be able to go to work, etc have access to those tests. Instead, those with symptoms are to consider themselves COVID positive and, provided the symtpoms stay manageable, isolate themselves for 10 days. 

The final significant update is that schools will not be returning as normal on January 4th after the Winter Break.  To ensure that there are enhanced health and safety protocols in place and that there are plans for the continuity of in class learning for the remainder of the year or this wave of COVID, teachers and administrators will be working that week to set up schools to be safe and healthy spaces that can remain open for student learning.  Students will return to school on Monday, January 10th 2022.

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