Hội thảo Trực tuyến: University of Saskatchewan – Top 15 trường đại học nghiên cứu chuyên sâu hàng đầu Canada

Online: 09:00 – 10:30, ngày 05/12/2020
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Thông báo mới nhất cho sinh viên đến từ Vancouver Island University

On October 20th, the Federal government of Canada announced that international students will once again be welcomed into Canada in order to commence and complete their studies.  Please see this link in order to get more information about the requirements for entering Canada during this time.

VIU Homestay has developed a full Quarantine Plan for our students.  The High School at VIU students will be placed in VIU Residence, and supervised, during the 14-day quarantine. 

For students interested in joining us for semester 2 (school calendar available here), they would have to be in quarantine by Monday 18 January, 2021 in order to start the second semester in person. They should not plan to arrive in Canada earlier than Monday 18 January, 2021.

Once the student’s application has been approved, we will need the following information:

  1. Does student have a valid visa and study permit right now?
  2. If not, have you started the process of application for your study permit?
  3. When is the student hoping to arrive in Canada?

We are all very excited that Canada has made the decision to once again welcome international students, and look forward to welcoming students to our school!