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Thời gian diễn ra: Thứ Bảy: 21/5/2022 lúc 10h00 – 11h30
(Hoàn toàn miễn phí)

Thông báo mới Delta School District

1) 2022-2023 Fees

2022-2023 fees have now been posted on our website.  

Please ensure that you go to the fees associated with your language/country to see any additional costs for validations, etc.

The slight increase in fees is to compensate for the huge increase in medical insurance fees in August 2019 that we have not yet accounted for in previous years.  

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2) Change of Email Address

In the past two weeks we have changed email servers.  Please note that although the emails will be forwarded for an amount of time, the @deltasd.bc.ca email address will be eventually cancelled.  Please send all emails to our program either to the @GoDelta.ca address or to @deltaschools.ca. 

3) Capacity update 

For September, we are full at Seaquam (school, and homestay), South Delta, Delta and Sands (homestay only).  We are still accepting students who also need homestay at Burnsview, Delview or North Delta. 

Students coming with parents or in private homestay can apply to any secondary school except for Seaquam.

We currently have room at all schools for February intake. 

Most of our Elementary Schools also have room for September and continuous intake.

4)  Homestay Placements for September

Initially, we hoped to be back to our normal timeline for sharing homestay placements for September.  However, like most of the world, we have recently seen a spike in COVID cases here in British Columbia.  Host families are nervous to commit.  We do hope to have homestay placements completed and communicated by the end of June, however, we may be delayed a bit depending on how COVID progresses through the Spring. 

CEI có quà tặng bạn đây!
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Students will not be placed in homestay until program payment has been made.