Hội thảo Unisus School-Trường tư thục Tú tài quốc tế hàng đầu thế giới

Thứ Bảy: 24/7/2021 Lúc: 10h00 – 11h30
(Miễn phí tham dự)

Thông báo mới Camosun College

Course Delivery

May 2020 intake: Spring/Summer course delivery will continue to be primarily online. Only courses with mandatory lab or clinical components will be on campus at this time.

September 2020 intake: While Camosun has not yet announced Fall course delivery models yet, we do expect a decision to be made soon, in consultation with the local public health authorities. We hope to provide you with this update shortly!

Spring New Student Orientation

New student orientation for the Spring/Summer semester will take place virtually, over the course of two days: April 22nd and April 29th. All new incoming international students are required to attend both sessions. Students will receive information on how to register by email.

Spring in Victoria!

–       Spring in Victoria has been voted the best time to visit our beautiful city! This season, you can enjoy walks, hikes, kayaking, whale watching and much, much more! In the past, the City of Victoria has celebrated cherry blossom season with a Cherry Blossom Festival! Although this year things are a little different, we still have lots to celebrate and do! One thing is certain: in Spring, as in other seasons, our island life doesn’t disappoint!

Bạn có biết? CEI là trung tâm tư vấn du học Canada uy tín và miễn phí từ 2009, ngàn hàng học sinh Canada đã được CEI tư vấn thành công. Xem thêm: Tại sao bạn nên chọn tư vấn du học Canada với CEI?