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Một số thay đổi mới từ trường Saint Mary’s University

Earlier this week, Saint Mary’s University came together online to unveil a refreshed brand that respects our traditions and values, reflects the vibrancy of our modern university today and reaches ambitiously toward our strong future. More than an updated look and feel, our brand platform is a powerful new way of telling the Saint Mary’s story – our story – in a way that captures the spirit, energy and excellence of our great university.

It is a distillation of the best of what we are and what we strive to be — a caring community with strong values that operates the way the world should; embracing our diversity, committed to sustainability and bravely tackling the issues that matter to society. We are a university with a rapidly expanding research profile, yet one where professors take the time to support and make personal connections with our students.

Above all else, we create the space for possibility for our students, faculty and staff to face the future confidently. We are working together to create a university, and a world, without limits.

What’s changed?

  • We have a new brand treatment that expresses Saint Mary’s University and the possibility created through the learning and unique experiences of our students and the impact and connections of our research. In a phrase, Saint Mary’s University is a World Without Limits.
  • A refined and modern icon that is true to the university and our values – a simple and clear way to capture the history of the university and our location in Nova Scotia. A new mark to tell the Saint Mary’s University story in a refreshed – and refreshing way. 
  • We are, and always will be, ‘maroon and white’. Now we are showcasing our colours and our pride in new, exciting ways.
  • Our ‘cuddly’ Husky has been replaced with a fierce Husky that reflects the competitiveness and fierceness of our varsity athletes and teams in the gym, on the field and on the ice. Once a Husky, always a Husky!
  • Our updated logo and visual identity are more readable and impactful in digital communication. This is showcased on our new university website and social media channels – check them out and visit frequently to see the stories and announcements that celebrate the people and the impact of our incredible university.
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