Hội thảo trực tuyến: Bodwell High School- Trung Học Tư Thục Nội Trú Ưu Tú ở North Vancouver

Thời gian diễn ra: Thứ Bảy, 13/8 lúc 10h00 – 11h30
(Hoàn toàn miễn phí)

Lưu ý quan trọng dành cho học sinh từ Saanich International Student Program

Bạn có biết? CEI là trung tâm tư vấn du học Canada uy tín và miễn phí từ 2009, hàng ngàn học sinh Canada đã được CEI tư vấn thành công. Xem thêm: Tại sao bạn nên chọn tư vấn du học Canada với CEI?

With most of our students departing for Canada within the next few weeks, there are five important points/updates that require your attention. 

1.Important Departure & Arrival Information

We have updated our Important Departure & Arrival Information for students. It is very important that you forward this to (all) your student(s) coming to Saanich as soon as possible. It includes a packing list, emergency contact information for our program, and airport arrival checklists, so they know what to do and expect.

2. Letter of Support

All students need a Letter of Support from our program to enter the country, as this includes their quarantine plan. All travellers need a quarantine plan, even if they are fully vaccinated. If you have not received the Letter of Support for (one of) your student(s), this means we are still missing required information for that student. Please contact me as soon as possible if this is the case.

3. Arrival COVID-19 Testing

There have been some changes in arrival testing protocols for incoming travellers.

  • Non-vaccinated students: will have to take a Day 1 and Day 8 test. Students will receive an at-home test kit at the first airport they land in in Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal). If unvaccinated students do not receive this test kit, they need to let us know immediately. 
  • Fully vaccinated students: will not have to take a Day 1 and Day 8 test. However, some travellers may be randomly selected for a Day 1 Test. If this happens to a student, they should comply with the airport staff’s instructions and take the test. 

4. Color-Coded Forms Handed out at Airports

After completion of border screening upon arrival at the first port of entry in Canada, travellers are provided with a handout that identifies instructions on the requirements based on their status. You can find examples of each form attached to this email.

  • Travellers that are deemed to be fully vaccinated on arrival will be provided with a “turquoise” handout for fully vaccinated travellers.
  • Travellers that are not deemed fully vaccinated, they will receive a “green” handout (asymptomatic/quarantine) or “red” handout (symptomatic/isolate) which will indicate their obligations.

The forms aren’t student-specific and therefore don’t go as far as to address exemptions for those unaccompanied & under the age of 18. You can find the forms attached. Please make sure to ask your student to show you their form when meeting them at the airport, to confirm what the final decision of the CBSA was for your student. 

5. Daily Zoom Check-Ins for Quarantining Students

For those students needing to complete the 14-day quarantine, our daily Zoom Check-Ins will commence on Monday, August 23 and they will take place in the mornings. Students will receive an invitation via email from their Homestay Coordinator for each Zoom call in the morning before each meeting or the afternoon before. The Zoom calls will be ongoing during weekdays for the full duration of the quarantine and daily attendance is mandatory. There will be no calls on weekends. Please remind your student to check their email for the invitation and the time of their daily meeting, as this will vary per school.  

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