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Lexis Canadian Language Academy

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Students are treated like one of the family at Lexis Canadian Language Academy, a high quality summer program for students of all ages in Toronto, Canada.

For years, Lexis has created a caring family environment for the students who come to it from around the world. Recently, it added a Family Program so that all family members can improve English together, while enjoying a visit to Canada’s largest, most exciting city.

The school has less than 100 students in order to provide individual attention to each student and family.

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Modern College Campus
Lexis is located at Toronto’s Seneca College, with a modern dormitory and classrooms located in the same building. The dormitory features suites, each with its own washroom and kitchen. Each bedroom has a double bed, telephone, television, and high-speed Internet access. There is also a movie room, student and family lounges, a cafeteria, school kitchen, a games room, and sports facilities.

Students Learn English in Morning Classes and on Afternoon Trips
In all Lexis programs, students are placed in classes according to their age and ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced). After lunch, the city becomes the classroom as students practice English on visits to Toronto’s most interesting attractions, such as the CN Tower, Toronto Island, Toronto Zoo, and the Ontario Science Centre.

Students Become Confident
The Lexis goal is to make students confident in their ability to speak English. “When students make new friends from other countries and speak English all day, we can see a great improvement, even in a few weeks,” says Lexis Director John Filion. “We create the atmosphere for them to enjoy themselves and become confident English speakers.”

On weekends, the program gets even better as students enjoy full-day trips to such great destinations as Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland giant amusement park. At Niagara Falls, students enjoy a ride on an aerial tram car high above the Falls and take a thrilling Maid of the Mist boat ride to the edge of the Falls.

One Price Covers Everything
At Lexis, one price covers everything: English instruction, accommodation, meals, excursions, admission fees, airport pickup, medical insurance, telephone, high-speed Internet access, sports, evening activities, and many special events.

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Operated by Education Specialists
Lexis is operated by husband and wife directors John Filion and Allyson Eamer. Mr. Filion is a former Chairman of the North York Board of Education (now the Toronto School Board). Ms. Eamer is an English as a Second Language specialist who teaches in the Faculty of Education at two major Canadian Universities. Their experience and approach to teaching English makes Lexis the best program of its kind.

Lexis offers two, three, four and six-week programs for students of all ages: children (5-11), teenagers (12-19) and adults. Students are divided into ability levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There are 8-12 students in each class.

Special Classes for Adults
Adult classes are small and informal, with an emphasis on improving conversational English. We provide a friendly environment where adults can learn and practice new English skills while feeling comfortable and relaxed.

Our Philosophy
At Lexis, we believe that each student deserves the best possible program. That’s why we’ve chosen a modern college campus, select only the best teachers, and treat our students to Toronto’s wonderful attractions. You will not find a better summer ESL program anywhere!