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Hudson College


Hudson College offers enriched academic programs from Junior Kindergarten through to the Grade 12 / Pre-University Program level in Toronto, Ontario. International students begin to join Hudson at various grade levels and can enter our programs in September, January, May, July and August.

We focus equally on both our local students and our international students. This support leads to a high university placement rate for international students every year.

Please read what our students and parents have to say about our school!

“During the time that I have attended Hudson College I have realized that even though all my classes are in a language that is not my mother language (Spanish), my academic development has increased considerably.

One of the things that characterize Hudson College is that the Principal, Jack Bavington, has always given me the opportunity to choose the courses that I want to take and sits down with me to discuss and organize my School Year Education Plan.

The classes are small, mostly between 10 and 15 students. This allows us to be involved with other students and with the teachers on a daily basis. Due to the sizes of the classes, all the teachers know me by my name and give me the confidence to talk to them about anything that I need or about what concerns me.

The teachers have always been attentive to my academic necessities and every time I have ever needed help from them, they have always been available to me and have even spent some of their lunch or after-school time trying to answer my questions.

In regards to my classmates, it is really pleasant to have friends from Canada and a lot of other places and countries. That’s an opportunity that I would never have had in my country. Every day I learn something new about another culture.

Hudson College has always organized new events that have eventually become traditions among teachers and students. The events have always been there for the students to enjoy the school year more and to have different forms of activities besides the academic ones.

One of my school plans is to graduate from Hudson College. I am trying really hard, and knowing that I will always have my teachers’ help and support gives me the confidence that I need to stand out in all of my classes and maybe even graduate with honors.” — A current Grade 11 international student

“As I entered University, I was first faced with many new challenges, the new learning environment being the greatest. The experience, challenges, and all of the knowledge I have walked away with from Hudson College has helped me overcome these challenges and excel far beyond the average student, giving me an academic competitive advantage. One story that I want to tell you about is the calculus diagnostic test which was implemented at the beginning of my university course to determine whether my knowledge was strong enough to continue in the course, or if I should drop it and pursue an easier course. With all of the knowledge gained at Hudson, I was able to complete the test with a perfect score. I was confident that my teachers at Hudson had gone far beyond even my expectations by doing a great job to teach me. This example was proof of that. Even this first year, maybe the toughest to cope with at University, did not strike me as a challenge. I just want to let you know how thankful I am to Hudson!” — A Hudson graduate

“While I like the academic success of our children, my husband and I also feel that another integral part of the child is the social and physical aspect of their education. We are pleased that our children are part of a very multi-cultural school. As well, while the academic program is very strong, their physical education is not sacrificed.” — Current Hudson parents

“Dear Mr. Bavington:
Just a short note to acknowledge and thank you for your support in every way with our son, David. Hudson was chosen specifically because of its small class sizes and the personal attention that you provide to students. The dedication and patience of your teachers is a testament to his final success with his courses. Again, thank you for the continued nurturing and encouragement he received while at Hudson.” — A parent whose son graduated from Hudson

Our Location

Ontario has the most universities of any province in Canada and is home to many of Canada’s top universities.

Toronto is a Canadian educational, cultural and economic centre with a long tradition of encouraging multicultural diversity.

Hudson College is located in a quiet and safe residential neighbourhood in central Toronto. The campus lies on a major bus route, near the corner of Dufferin Street and St. Clair Avenue West. Hudson College is in close proximity to major shopping malls, dining establishments and cultural venues.

Our Activities and Facilities

Hudson offers a wide variety of sports programs designed to promote the importance of living active, healthy lifestyles. These programs also help build inner self-confidence and pride, as well as a sense of friendship and teamwork. Our mascot is the Husky which represents many good qualities of Hudson students such as loyalty, intelligence, and dedication.

Hudson also offers a wealth of art, drama, and music programs, plus other extracurricular activities intended to help students learn beyond the classroom. We even have an aviation club where students have the opportunity to fly a plane!

Hudson organizes various optional trips on weekdays and holidays targeting particular student group activities to places such as theatres, museums, art galleries, historical sites, tourist attractions, sporting events, leadership camps, canoeing sites, hiking trails, ski resorts, ice fishing locales, universities, other cities in Canada and overseas destinations.

Hudson has first-rate recreational facilities located on campus, including a modern gymnasium for indoor sports activities and athletic tournaments and spacious outdoor recreational amenities.

For more information about our school and our programs, please see our profile. We look forward to your arrival and wish you great success as a student at Hudson!

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