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Chilliwack School District tiến hành xét nghiệm Covid cho học sinh chuẩn bị trở về quốc gia của mình

As you are well aware student(s) need to take a COVID test before they fly home. Two excellent options to get tested locally so that students do not have to go into Greater Vancouver to get a test done or go into Vancouver International Airport to get tested (often on a day prior to the student’s actual flight day). The two options are as follows:

OPTION #1 – Valley Travel Clinic

This clinic is operated by long time Chilliwack resident Dr. Cherniwchan and he has a clinic right in Chilliwack (and Abbotsford). Here is a link to his website:  https://fvtc.ca/

As per his website his COVID-19 assessment service fee is $210 and the LifeLabs fee is $165, for a total fee of $375.  There is no extra charge if additional special paperwork is required by a student’s home country. 

His turnaround time for test results is typically 18 – 22 hours. Dr. Cherniwchan will carefully look at a student’s departure date, flight schedule and country of origin and determine what testing is necessary and when and then book appointments with the students accordingly. He has conducted a great number of COVID tests for travelers since the pandemic started. 

OPTION #2 – Bon Voyage Medical

Please see the attachment for details on their service. They are based in Coquitlam but they are willing to come to Chilliwack to conduct mobile clinics.

The exact location in Chilliwack has not been determined yet but we will likely set up one of our high school gyms as the testing site. As per the attached, their prices are:

–          PCR Test $350 for guaranteed same day results

–          PCR Test $250 for next day results

–          Rapid Antigen Test $120

It’s important to note that they will look at everyone’s flight schedules ahead of time so that the tests are done with sufficient time that same day results will NOT be necessary. 

Therefore the fee the students should expect to pay for their PCR test is $250 (even though in reality they work with multiple labs and results are often available in just 4 hours).

They will set up a matrix where students can go online and book an appointment slot on the appropriate date based on their departure date and destination(s).

They will contact the students 48 – 72 hours ahead of their scheduled departure to check if there have been any changes in their flight itinerary. Students will pay their fee online when they book their appointment.

There is a $60 surcharge for any additional special paperwork. This is NOT applicable to students from most countries, but for example Japanese students will have to pay this fee since their government has a specific form that needs to be completed.

They have agreed to come out in the later afternoon/early evening to do their testing so that homestay families are available to take their students to the test site.


Two very viable options for your student(s). However, if the natural parents have found another testing option that is preferred, then of course that is the natural parents’ prerogative and go ahead with that plan.

It’s very important to note that Bon Voyage, due to the cost of conducting their mobile clinic, will be here on likely only two or three different days.

Fortunately most of students are flying home on one of the same two or three days (although as you know too well, the flights keep constantly changing!) so if student(s) are interested in using Bon Voyage for their testing it likely will be an option.

If student(s) is flying on a day where he/she is the only student or one of only a couple students then Bon Voyage MIGHT not be an option available.

This leads me to needing some information from the natural parents. Since it’s not viable for Bon Voyage to come out and test only two or three students in a day we need to get a commitment from the natural parents as to their preferred service. So we need to know the following:

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________

Preferred Testing Service (choose one):

___   Fraser Valley Travel Clinic

___   Bon Voyage Medical

___   Other (the natural parents/agent will secure their own testing source)

** Please return to Carol Bond by Tuesday, May 26th [email protected]

Once we have this information we will turn it over to Fraser Valley Travel Clinic and Bon Voyage Medical. As mentioned it’s especially important for Bon Voyage so they can see which students prefer their services and they can see on what days they need the testing done on (we will provide them with the flight itineraries) and on what days they have enough critical mass to set up their mobile clinic in Chilliwack.

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