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Cập nhật về ngành Leadership for Healthcare Professionals tại Confederation College

As of September 2021, the name of the post-graduate certificate program, Leadership for Healthcare Professionals will change to Health Administration and Leadership.  

Confederation College is committed to ensuring its curriculum is always current and meets the evolving needs of students, employers and industry. One way it achieves this is by requiring all post-secondary programs to regularly undergo a comprehensive program review.

The name change for the Leadership for Healthcare Professionals program is a result of such a review and is based on feedback from both graduates and employers.  The new name will increase employer understanding of the skills and competencies that students acquire in the program, and, along with some curriculum updates, will expand employment options and prospects for graduates.

Students who have already submitted their visa application, do not need to do anything.  We will provide a letter of explanation to students who are in the process of doing so, which they can submit with their application package, A new LoA will not be required.  Going forward all successful applications for LHP will receive a LoA with the new program name.

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