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Cập nhật từ Nova Scotia International Student Program cho kỳ tháng 2, 2022

Warm greetings from Nova Scotia! We are thrilled to be sharing the news the NSISP will reopen to international students for the February 2022 intake. We know the pandemic has created lots of uncertainty in the world, but the one sure thing is how excited we are to send this message and to welcome the world back to the NSISP!

To be eligible to participate in the NSISP in February, students must follow all provincial and federal guidelines. These guidelines include, but are not limited to, having received the entire series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine, or a complete series of a combination of accepted vaccines, and received their last dose at least 14 full days before the day before entering Canada. To be considered fully vaccinated, you must follow the guidelines set by the Government of Canada: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/covid-vaccinated-travellers-entering-canada

We will continue to work closely with our provincial departments of education and public health to ensure our international students arrive safely and enter schools in February.

Our admissions team will be contacting you over the next few days to get updated information (transcripts, passports, etc.) for students who have had to defer their participation in our program. Students will also begin to receive their host family placement letters to begin communications with the family. 

Bạn có biết? CEI là trung tâm tư vấn du học Canada uy tín và miễn phí từ 2009, hàng ngàn học sinh Canada đã được CEI tư vấn thành công. Xem thêm: Tại sao bạn nên chọn tư vấn du học Canada với CEI?

Arrival to Nova Scotia should be on Friday, January 28 – Sunday, January 30. Students will be met at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport by our airport greeter team. As required, rapid testing may happen before departing the airport with your host family or program representative. All flight details must be sent to Grace Kim: gracekim@nsisp.ca no later than Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The timely submission of this information is critical for airport staffing and ensuring all COVID-19 protocols and measures are followed. If you have problems through the airport at any time, please contact our greeters: +1 902-956-0931 or call/text our emergency line: +1 902-890-3261.

Over the next couple of months, we will continue to watch the federal and provincial guidelines and send updates as required.