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Hội thảo online: 10h00 -11:30, ngày 13/03/2021
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Cập nhật thông tin mới từ Thompson Rivers University

Welcome to Thompson Rivers University! We trust you and yours are in good health. This is our first update for new Winter 2021 semester international students.

Winter 2021 program delivery
Due to COVID-19 and continued travel restrictions, most courses in the Winter 2021 semester will be delivered virtually, same as the Fall 2020 semester. Only a small number of courses that cannot be delivered virtually will be delivered in person and on campus with strict safety protocols in place. Click here to see the full announcement about Winter 2021 course delivery.

Option to start this Fall 2020 for deferred students
If you have been deferred to the Winter 2021 intake and have received your Study Permit Approval In Principle (AIP), you have the option to start your program in Fall 2020 instead, subject to seat availability. To register for Fall 2020, contact us no later than September 11, 2020 at [email protected] for all Master’s programs and [email protected] for all other programs. If you have not received your AIP, you can still start this Fall 2020 by signing a waiver. Learn more here.

Meet with us
Have questions or need support? We are here to help you. Through our virtual meeting rooms, you can meet representatives from one of the following teams for assistance:

  • International Student Advisors (ISA)
  • Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA)
  • International Academic Advisors
  • International Student Recruiters

Important Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline for Winter 2021 intake – MBA

Oct. 1

Application Deadline for Winter 2021 intake – All other programs

Nov. 1

Town Hall Forum #1 for Winter 2021 new international students

Oct. 2