Coffee Talk: Chia sẻ lộ trình học Cử nhân & Thạc sĩ tại Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

Thời gian diễn ra: Chủ nhật: 15/05/2022 lúc 9h30 – 11h30
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Cập nhật mới nhất từ Saanich Schools

Important Notice
  1. Applications for February 2021 (quarter 3) will close for all schools on Friday, November 6, 2020 at 8am PST.
  2. In order to secure a spot in the school and homestay, FULL fees need to received by our district on or before Monday, November 16, 2020. The school district needs to hire teaching staff and we need to know who is fully committed to the program. Sorry, no exceptions this time.
  3. We will only be sending out a Letter of Support once we have received proof of a student’s valid study permit for quarter 3.
  4. If a study permit has not been issued to the student by Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a refund of fees minus the application fee can be requested (see below)
  5. If a student receives approval for a study permit and chooses not attend, the standard program refund will apply.
  6. Applications for quarter 4 (End of April) will be accepted up until Monday, March 1, 2020 with full payment received by Friday, March 12, 2021.

Please see the refund policy based on COVID and Canada’s boarder restrictions below.

RE: Refund Procedure Pertaining to COVID-19 – February 1, 2021 Intake (Quarter 3)

SISP has extended concessions to its refund procedures for new student applications and new student deferrals for the February 1, 2021.

These two (2) scenarios are applicable in the extended refund procedure:

  1. Students are not permitted to leave their county of residence to participate in a study abroad experience in Canada and Saanich Schools because of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  2. Canada denies entry of a student from a country related to the COVID-19 outbreak per the Order in Council – Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order (Prohibition of Entry into Canada from any Country Other than the United States).

New applications for quarter 3 that are effected by scenario one (1) and/or two (2) will be entitled to a full refund of fees minus the application fee of $200.00 CND.

Bạn có biết? CEI là trung tâm tư vấn du học Canada uy tín và miễn phí từ 2009, hàng ngàn học sinh Canada đã được CEI tư vấn thành công. Xem thêm: Tại sao bạn nên chọn tư vấn du học Canada với CEI?