Cập nhật mới Burnaby School District


*Burnaby is still welcoming New Applications for September 2021*

  1. School Availability (September 2021 intake)

Langara Homestay Full 

Alternatives: Private homestay companies, family friends, relatives, parent.  (Students must live with an adult 25years+ , students cannot live alone or just with friends, this is strictly enforced).  

Secondary (8-12):

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  • Alpha Secondary.  Grades 9-12 Available. Grade 8 full
  • Burnaby Central Secondary.  Full
  • Burnaby Mountain Secondary.  Grades 9-12 Available. Grade 8 full
  • Burnaby North Secondary.  Grades 9-12 Available. Grade 8 full
  • Burnaby South Secondary.  Grades 9-12 Available. Grade 8 full
  • Byrne Creek Secondary.  Grades 8-12 Available.
  • Cariboo Hill Secondary.  Grades 8-12 Available.
  • Moscrop Secondary.  Grades 9-12 Available. Grade 8 full

Elementary (k-7)  Accepting applications for September 2021.

ALL schools except for those listed as closed on the application webpage.  At this time of year, the Elementary LOA is general to the District, clients are waitlisted in order that they paid for their preference school.  Our program will soon start specific elementary school placements in May.  We prioritize those in order of which they paid.

This year the first day of schools is on September 7th, however there is still a 14-day mandatory quarantine in place, therefore we request that students arrive by August 22nd to be on time for school.  Ideally between August 18-22nd  for arrival.  Be sure to discuss with your homestay provider. 

Please be reminded we do not allow students to quarantine by themselves without adult supervision (for example at a hotel).  Minors under 18 travelling alone are except from the 3 day hotel stay and may go directly their place of quarantine – usually the homestay.  Keep yourself up to date with travel & border policies: https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid

  1. Visa/ Study Permit processing times. 

Concerned about the estimated time on the IRCC website?  Please be reminded that we DO allow late arrivals, that is okay.  We do not allow deferrals at this time.  Be sure to apply for the study permit immediately after receiving the LOA.