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Cập nhật lịch các khóa học tại Hội đồng trung học Delta School District

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Back to School

 Schools will be going back on a limited basis starting Monday. This does not, however, mean that all students will attend school. On any given day, only 20% of Secondary students can attend and 50% of Elementary students. Priority is given first to children of Essential Service Workers (full time return to school), then students with special needs and vulnerabilties, then students who are at risk of not passing. Some students will be attending school and some, therefore, will not. Schools are dealing with scheduling students and will be informing them regarding who and when they will be able to return. This is called Stage 3 for our school system.

 Schools have gone to great lengths to ensure that a return to school is safe and healthy for students, teachers and staff. Please see the attached letter.

 Stage 1 is complete return to school. It is the goal that schools start in Stage 1 in September, with the acknowledgement that we may have to move in and out of Stage 1 to Stage 4 as the school year continues.

 That being said, it does not necessarily mean that school will be normal in September. Certainly physical distancing and cleaning measures will need to be in place, which may mean that certain courses cannot run, and that certain sports and extra-curricular activities cannot occur.

June 15th Payment Deadline

 For students who have applied for September, please note that the payment deadline is June 15th. I am aware that parents are wanting more flexibility and wanting to see what happens. However, we need to have firm numbers before the end of June when schools close to ensure that there are adequate staff to teach students and that we have planned to accommodate students in classes. I also have considerations regarding my staffing levels that need to be determined before the end of June. We also need to place students in homestay families. Students who have not paid will not be placed. So as much as parents are asking for flexibility, they really do need to assess if they are comfortable moving forward NOW. If they aren’t I would certainly discourage them from continuing with their plans.

 Students paying after June 15th (provided arrangements have not been already made) may have their applications cancelled. Therefore, please confirm transfer as funds ASAP.

 Travel Bans

 Please be aware that the current travel bans do not allow students to enter the country who did not have study permit approval as of March 18th. For those with approval AFTER March 18th or who are coming without a permit, as of now entry is not permitted.

 Summer Programs

 We are strongly recommending that students still in Canada do not leave. In our conversations as a Provincial and National Association, we are not 100% confident that students who leave will be able to get back. Students who are deciding to leave from this point forward will not be eligible for a refund if they cannot get back as they have been warned and advised of this risk repeatedly.

 We are currently working through summer programs registration. For students in our homestay, it is mandatory for students to be enrolled in programs over the summer due to liability issues – we are not a homestay program – we are a school program that offers homestay and custodianship when students are studying with us. Students cannot be in our homestay and under my custodianship and not be in a program.

 We are offering two options for students in homestay.

 1) An exciting online English and Cultural program offered in conjunction with TRU from July 13th to Agusut 7th followed by either IELTS prep or Writing/Public Speaking Workshop offered in Delta from August 17-28th.


 2) Academic credit summer school for Grades 10-12 from July 2nd to August 6th followed by either IELTS prep or Writing/Public Speaking Workshop offered in Delta from August 17-28th.

 For students NOT in our homestay, they may have to take some credit courses and will be informed if they need to. The TRU program would certainly be available for high school students not in homestay that do not need credit courses. The August 17th-28th programming is offered to high school AND elementary students.

Quarantine and Arrival in the Fall

 All information and evidence we can see indicates that students will have to quarantine when they arrive. This might change, but currently doesn’t sound likely. More information on what this will look like will be available in mid-June. It is quite detailed and there are many steps that need to occur.

 Considering the very likely possibility that a quarantine will need to occur, students (new and returning) must arrive between August 22nd to 24th to be able to attend school starting September 8th.

 There will be more detailed information coming out around quarantine and revised arrival protocols near the end of June.

 Cost for Quarantine in Homestay

 In preparing documents to help support students and host families through quarantine, it has become evident that there are significant extra costs for homestays as well as tasks that go well above and beyond what is typical for a homestay family to have to endure. There will be an invoiced cost of $400 for quarantine that will go directly to the homestay family. This includes the nights, the food, but also a minor re-imbursement for the additional risks, supplies and efforts they will need to endure during the quarantine. This is different than the $300 we predicted before knowing all that had to happen to successfully host through quarantine. Again, students are asked to arrive between August 22nd and 24th. We will provide extra insurance during that time at no extra cost to students.

 Quarantine in a Hotel?

 Should students parents be able to accompany them back, of course students can quarantine in a hotel or other facility. We are looking at a plan with a local hotel to host students whose host families are not able to host them during quarantine. Students will not be able to make their own arrangements to quarantine at a separate hotel, however. Remember, students must be under the supervision of an approved adult over the age of 25. So, if a hotel is an option, then it will have to be a hotel facility that we arrange or students will have to be in a hotel arrangement with their parents. IF we do provide some quarantine services in a hotel, students must stay individually in a room, unless they are siblings. The cost for this option included food will be approximately $2500 – $3000.

 Potential Homestay Shortage

 We have an unfortunate number of homestay families who are not able to host because they are not allowed to due to laws associated with the Quarantine Act (age, health issues). We have some homestay families who are unable to host as their employers have told them that they cannot work for the time a student would be quarantining and they cannot manage that. We have some homestays that have given everything they’ve got to students during this lockdown time and are burnt out. And we have some homestay families who are unwilling to host during COVID due to extra risks to their family.

 Although we will try to accommodate all students. We may have to offer a school change to some. We may also have to offer quarantine in a local hotel if that is feasible. However, we may be in a situation where we have to cancel some students, especially at schools that were full BEFORE Covid.


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