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Những lưu ý dành cho học sinh tại Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Dear Student, Parents,

On Friday, July 31st, the Government of Ontario released its plan for reopening schools in September.

According to the announcement, with enhanced health and safety protocols in place, elementary school children in Kindergarten through Grade 8 will attend school five days per week. Secondary schools in the OCDSB, will open with class cohorts of approximately 15 students, attending on alternate days, or alternate schedules that would represent in-person attendance for at least 50% of instructional days. 

The OCDSB looks forward to welcoming international students to its schools again this September.  This school year will look very different for everybody and there will be challenges to face as we continue to adjust to changes brought about by COVID 19.  Students will be well supported but need to be prepared to adjust to a changing learning environment that will involve both in person learning and remote learning from their host home.  (Please note that due to differing time zones and a variety of technical challenges, remote learning can only be provided to students who are living in Ottawa.)

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Travel to Ottawa will also be a challenge for many international students. The Canadian government’s travel ban remains in place and continues to place some restrictions on international students studying in Canada. Students will only be able to enter Canada if they are studying in a program that requires them to be in Canada AND

  • Have a valid study permit issued before March 18, 2020 or
  • Have a letter of approval for a study permit that was received before March 18, 2020

A student entering Canada may be asked to show proof that their study program requires them to study in Canada.  We will be providing letters of support once we have received your travel schedule.

Students who are not permitted to enter Canada upon arrival or choose to cancel or defer their studies before the start of school have the following options:

  • Obtain a full refund of their tuition fees;
  • Defer their return until Feb 1, 2021;
  • Defer their return until September 1, 2021.

The Ontario government just recently approved September 3rd as the start date for all OCDSB schools.  International students are therefore asked to arrive by August 19th in order to meet the 14-day self-isolation requirement mandated by the Canadian government. Please see the attached travel guidebook. You will need to complete and send your self-isolation plan before your departure.  We understand that in some countries flights are infrequent which may cause some late arrivals.  We will be able to accommodate late arrivals; however, if you are unable to arrive before September 15th, you will need to defer your start of school to the next semester. Please click here to submit your study/travel plan to us by August 10th. Students who are already in Ottawa should also complete and submit the survey so we can keep you informed.

As previously mentioned, all students arriving in Ottawa this summer will be required to quarantine for 2 weeks.  During the quarantine period, there will be online support for students.  Online meetings will provide information about school safety protocols as well as an online orientation to the community and schools.  New arrivals will also take their math and language assessments during this period. More details on the orientation and assessments will be provided once we have received your arrival plans. 

Throughout the year the school district and its schools will be following safety protocols established by Ottawa Public Health to ensure the safety of staff and students. Under the current circumstances, this means that classroom and extracurricular activities will be limited due to social distancing and other safety measures put in place to help protect students and staff. 

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We understand that this may not be the international learning experience that students were hoping for and understand that some students may wish to postpone their overseas study experience until another time when they can enjoy a greater cultural experience.

We must emphasize that the plan we are proposing now is for September and we anticipate that our practices in December, March and next June will likely look very different.  If you do decide to come to Ottawa to study, please understand that there will be no change in the tuition fees or the refund policy once a student has begun classes in September. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at ocenet@ocdsb.ca.

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