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Update: Option C: Continue with Current Registration in the Vancouver school district

*Online learning is now possible for Option C Students!

Today, the BC Ministry of Education announced that it will be possible for students who are currently restricted from entering Canada, to study BC online courses from their home country.  This is a temporary offer that will end when students can enter Canada and join their BC school classes in person.

Students who choose Option C will now be able to enroll in online courses.  These students now have a chance to have a full academic year of 8 credit courses in 2020-21.  

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There is no change in Canada’s border entry requirements.  This means that from now until August 31, new international students can only travel to Canada if they have a study permit or study permit approval letter issued BEFORE March 18th, 2020.  Students with permits issued after this date or planning on travelling with an eTA cannot enter the country with current restrictions.

These restrictions are now due to be reviewed again at the end of August.

Thank you if you already informed the VSB international office about your Option choice.

  1. Did you choose Option A or Option B, and you are happy with your choice? No need to do anything.
  2. Did you choose Option C? We will send you more details about the online courses soon.
  3. Did you choose Option A or B, but now you want to change to Option C? Please send the completed forms again, and tell us that you changed to Option C.  Please do so today.
  4. You did not send your completed forms and your choice yet? Please do so today!

Questions?  Please contact the VSB international office at: intered@vsb.bc.ca.  Staff can assist in Chinese, Korean and Japanese, as well as English.

We will be proceeding as planned with our orientation and assessment for the Status 1 new students, and for the Status 2 Option C students in August.

Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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