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Thứ Bảy: 15/5/2021 Lúc: 10h – 11h30
(Miễn phí tham dự)

Cập nhật mới nhất từ NorQuest College

Beginning February 18, 2021, the convenience fee that’s charged to students who are making a credit card payment through MyQuest will be increasing from 2% to 2.25%. We have updated this information on the norquest.ca/pay page.

We have also changed the order in which payment options are listed in an attempt to better reflect student preferences in paying:

  • e-Transfer is listed first; while not instantaneous, it’s faster than online banking (and there’s no convenience fee charged)
  • Online banking is next; these transactions tend to take a few business days to reach the college, so they’re a little slower than e-Transfer (but again, no convenience fee is charged)
  • Credit card in MyQuest – the fastest, but most costly way to pay (because of the convenience fee)
  • Flywire – for international payments
  • By mail – the slowest way to pay, especially while college staff are primarily working remotely.